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Resources for Grassroots API LGBT Organizations

Q&A Space

The goal of Q&A Space is to provide API LGBT youth who do wish to come out and are struggling with the process with linguistically appropriate and culturally confident tools and resources to come out to whomever they’d like at whatever time they’re comfortable. When we see the diversity and depth of experiences of Asian Pacific Islander LGBT people, we can grow closer as a community.

View coming out stories of API LGBT individuals, parents and allies online at www.qaspace.apiequalityla.org/.

Queering the Bible

Can someone be gay and Christian at the same time? What does Bible say about being LGBT? The guides in this section are designed to help you take a careful and honest look at what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Please note that these resources are designed for LGBT people of faith and their supporters. Do not use these resources as a persuasion tool for people with anti-LGBT prejudices. “Queering the Bible” and verse-by-verse combat tend to become roadblocks to dialogue for communities of faith who are not already affirming of LGBT people.

  • Coming Soon…Talking to API People of Faith about LGBT Issues

Toolkit for Community Outreach

Talking to people who are not LGBT is the best way to change people’s hearts and minds about LGBT people. As API LGBT organizations, how do we engage in conversations in ways that educate and empower the API communities? Since 2005, API Equality-LA has had tens of thousands of conversations in API community festivals to recruit new members and get people to become more supportive.

Talking to people at community festivals is an art and a science. Success requires preparing a list of materials, training volunteers on having conversation with strangers, and making sure that everybody stays on message.

In-language educational materials

Educating LGBT people about their rights and communities is not easy. Changing the hearts and minds of non-LGBT people in favor of acceptance and equality is even harder. Doing so in a language other than English is nearly impossible for many API LGBT organizations.

In the past few years, API Equality-LA has conducted innovative research with the help of the best public opinion researchers, collaborated with LGBT organizations serving Chinese-speaking communities in Taiwan and China, and learned from the best practices of LGBT organizations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

These efforts have produced a suite of in-language educational materials in Chinese (available in both traditional and simplified fonts) and English that are meant to provide non-LGBT people who are unfamiliar with LGBT people with the resources to understand LGBT people and begin their journey to fully embrace the LGBT community.


When my daughter told me she is gay. This flyer contains an open letter from a mother of a lesbian daughter describing her journey to accept her daughter.

Is it our fault that our child is gay? This flyer contains FAQs regarding having an LGBT child.

Is being gay abnormal or unnatural? This flyer contains FAQs regarding most basic questions often asked of LGBT people.

Multimedia Website

API Equality-LA has a new multimedia Chinese-language website – including both traditional and simplified characters – designed to educate people unfamiliar with LGBT people and issues. It contains basic information about being gay and lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. It also contains resources for families and communities of faith. It also contains video clips, news articles, and links to other resources for Chinese-speaking communities.

This website is a compilation of API Equality-LA’s own work and the work of LGBT organizations and government agency serving communities of Chinese-descent in United States, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Working with the media

Communicating effective messages is no small task. It requires both using tested messages and working with media outlets effectively so they tell our stories. This section contains two pieces of resources – a messaging guide for talking to Chinese Americans and a case study about working with API media. Even though the messaging guide is based on research in the Chinese American community, we have found the findings do mirror our experiences in the field in other API communities. Since 2010, API Equality-LA has successfully put poll-tested pro-LGBT messages in API ethnic media, including Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese outlets. These efforts achieved approximately 1.5 million media impressions.

Building the API LGBT community

As we all know, there are few resources that specifically address the needs of API LGBT people. API Equality-LA is starting to address these needs – our first project was to host a coming out workshop for API LGB people. The second was to create a video that draws parallels between the discrimination that LGBT people face today to that API people face historically.

Please email us for the API coming out workshop template

API LGBT discrimination video will be uploaded in the coming days.

Coming Soon…Honoring Our Heroes

As LGBT people, we tend to not have a strong sense of our history. As API LGBT people, that sense of history is perhaps even more tenuous. That is why API Equality-LA has taken the steps to document, via video, the oral histories of pioneering API LGBT activists who began their activism in the late 1970s in the Los Angeles area.

We have held the first public screening of the first batch of interviews earlier this year and will have a second screening in September.  In the mean time, we are interviewing many other pioneering API LGBT activists.

API Equality-LA is working hard to make these videos available online. So stay tuned! In the mean time, if you are interested in starting similar projects, please email us! We would be delighted to help you.


API LGBT and Civil Rights Groups

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