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Loren JavierLoren Javier

It was difficult growing up a gay Filipino American child in the Midwest during the Vietnam War, far from other Filipino Americans and a more progressive bastion of ideas that would be more accepting of either gay people or people of Asian descent. It seemed like there was always a sense of isolation for me, like I was always hiding who I really was.

James & DougJames & Doug

We’ve got some happy news to report: Doug and James just got married!

On the 18th anniversary of the day we first met, we got the license. Then, over the weekend, we grabbed whatever friends were around and headed up to Santa Barbara for a small ceremony on the beautiful lawns of the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

Myron & JohnMyron & John

John and I first met when I flew out to Chicago from Los Angeles to consider joining a full-time MBA program. We actually had dinner at the same table that night (although I didn’t remember until a photo has since popped up).

Jean & MaryJean & Mary

When Mary and I were campaigning against prop 8, we often wondered where the faces and the stories of GLBT couples and families were who are affected by this divisive proposition. We were in the abstract, we thought.

Jennifer & JeanneJennifer & Jeanne

Family portraits are a big deal in Jennifer Lin’s family. When her sister Sophia was getting married in 2002, they didn’t include her partner Jeanne Fong in the picture. Jeanne and Jennifer had been together for a decade.

Our StoriesLi and Nga

Li and Nga began their decade long relationship when they met online, as many couple have started meeting these days. At first, the two were separated by distance until, five years ago, they decided to both settle in Pomona, California.

Steven & GlennSteven & Glenn

After we dated and we knew we wanted to be together, Steven had a prenuptial agreement and that was that I had to come out to my family and that we were going to have a family. I thought the coming out part was the hardest part.

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