Dear Committed API Equality-LA Volunteers and Friends,

During our 5 Year Anniversary Celebration last July, we launched our very first Donor Campaign with a modest hope of raising $15,000. We set June 30, 2011 as the end of that campaign, and we are getting extremely close to meeting this financial goal. While we have received generous funding from foundations in the past including Liberty Hill and Arcus, as well as Horizons, Let California Ring, and AAPIP for special projects, the current economic climate is cutting deeply into foundation grant-making, and we need the long-term investment of people like you to help sustain our work. The political and legal landscape around marriage equality is quickly shifting, and your donation ensures we build our foundation on solid ground. This is shaping up to be a HOT summer, with the Pioneer Documentation Project in full swing, a new outreach to Korean youth in Koreatown, as well as Crossroads II (analyzing the intersection between API and LGBT issues), in addition to other activities. We need your help to get these projects off the ground.

Will you help us reach our goal this year by making a generous donation online today? If you make a contribution by June 2, we will include your name in our next newsletter, coming out June 3, and the list of inaugural/founding donors will also be posted on our website. Any donations over $500 qualifies you as a major donor. A special party this fall is being planned to thank all major donors. Thank you for your commitment to our thriving organization.


Jonipher Kwong

Director, API Equality-LA
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API Equality-LA advocates in the Greater Los Angeles API Community for the fair treatment of LGBT people and marriage equality.


To create a society that celebrates the loves and lives of all people--free from discrimination and injustice.


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